Wellness Testimonials

I benefited greatly from the 10 Structural Integration (SI) sessions that Roberto took me through. Prior to going through the sessions, I was experiencing a lot of back and neck pain and was constantly tired and lethargic.  At the end of each session, I noticed immediate improvements in the areas that the session focused on.  After completing all 10 sessions, I experienced significant improvement in my overall flexibility, strength, balance, posture, and range of motion.  In addition, my energy and stamina had significantly increased.  Almost a year since I completed the 10 sessions, I am still reaping the benefits of the SI work I received from Roberto.    Corey Bleich, Computer Engineer


I have been seeing Roberto for low back problems and stress for over a year now.  I have been receiving regular Thai massage treatments. This is in conjunction with practicing Tai chi and Qigong weekly.  I am extremely pleased with the care and results of the therapeutic bodywork I have received from Roberto.  My flexibility, and over all health, I feel are greatly improved due to his vast knowledge and skill. If you haven’t tried a Thai massage, I highly recommend trying one. It is comparable to an hour of intense yoga practice with help stretching and lengthening of your spine. I am taller and straighter with less slouching. I also have improved my breathing and I am sleeping better at night. These treatments and the Tai chi and Qigong practice have changed my life. Sue 2009


After having been in an auto accident and suffering from chronic pain as well as experiencing repetitive use injuries I greatly benefited from the ten Structural Integration (SI) sessions.  Being a bodyworker myself, I know the importance of having a balanced body structure.   I’m grateful for Roberto’s professionalism and experience to achieve the results I now enjoy.  Ahhhh, pain free and balanced!!   Linda Graham L.M.T.


I knew I would receive Structural Integration (SI) someday, having seen a 35-40 yr old acquaintance take a running jump with a few steps up in the air in 1996. Should have done it then; the fee was $300. I did it in 2003 at the age of 72.  My physical benefits are many. In my case, the most identifiable one is bringing under control, with the help of FootWorks, my foot-hips-back-neck chronic issue that was not resolved by  $K’s in adjustments and previous orthotics over the past 18 years.  My lungs are expanded. My lower abdomen is in. I enjoy awareness of my body.  My body works as a unit.  Aches and pains after working in the yard are reduced to one after a certain motion.  There were other body benefits, now receded in my memory as they are taken for granted.  During the first session, my therapist noted that there will be gains in sensory perception.  Currently my gains are in taste, color, and generally deeper perception of things new to me. After seeing the recent El Greco to Picasso exhibit at the Phoenix Art Museum, I stopped at the gift shop to buy reproductions of four pieces.  After locating and examining these, I returned them to the display table with deep disappointment … the colors just were not the same as in the originals.  I was astonished by my new sensitivity to color.  The perception benefits may not be exclusively the result of SI. A year ago I had an experience that underscored the spiritual aspect of my existence (not in a traditional religious context).  During therapy, conversations with the therapist lead me to buy into my wife’s interest in the Fat Flush detox routine.  My sensory perception benefits became noticeable during the later stages of SI and firmed up after SI and beginning of the Fat Flush.  I believe that SI was a major enabler/catalyst. S. 2 June 03.


Roberto’s work is fabulous. After going through the structural integration process my body posture improved dramatically. It is so refreshing to have ‘good posture’ feel more natural than poor posture. DeAnn Henderson L.M.T.

  1. Anita Stephens says:

    I have been a regular customer of Roberto Paredes for 3 years. For many years I have had a lot of problems with my muscles in regards to tightness and pain. After Roberto gives me an amazing Rolfing / massage treatment I always feel more relaxed, and comfortable. After a treatment I walk taller and with more ease. He seems to know exactly what my body needs in a treatment. Roberto is an excellent health coach, encouraging me to eat healthy, and exercise. Roberto’s treatments have been an important part of my healing journey. I am very grateful for his talents and expertise. Thank you, Roberto.

    Anita S.

  2. J E says:

    I’ve experienced many practitioners for the last 20 years and no one has come close to Roberto’s healing methods. I have gladly referred many friends to him, knowing that they will feel the same way!

  3. Karen W. says:

    Roberto is the real deal. I found him after searching for someone legit for Cranial Sacral and Massage that was many years and treatment sessions ago. Roberto is smart, gifted and regardless of whatever problem my mate or myself have had Roberto always ALWAYS gets us put back together again. Roberto has a wide range of talents besides Cranial-Rolfer extraordinaire, deep tissue, Express Chair Massage, Thai Massage and assisted stretching, Tai Chi, as well as addressing sports related injuries or just achieving better range of motion. If only Lance had known what Roberto could do versus doping!! He’s not one of those poopy blissy new agey people who think they really know their bleep-but don’t. Roberto knows what you need and can help acute through chronic. Reasonable prices too.

  4. Laura Reagle says:

    I have a condition called Meralgia Parathestica, basically numbness, burning & tingling in the outer thigh. Not aware of any specific injury that caused it but had cortisone injections to the hip where the subcutaneous lateral femoral nerve is inflamed and it was a temporary fix that was only minimally helpful. As it began to bother me again, I did not want to have more injections and having practiced massage therapy for about 8 years, I thought perhaps Rolf treatments would be my answer. I contacted Roberto after finding him in a Google search. After a session or two he asked me if I would be willing to experience Thai massage because he thought that would benefit my condition more… I said yes and have not looked back. Roberto’s treatments have helped me tremendously and if I did my home exercises I am certain I would feel even better LOL. I am a hard core boot camper and enjoy pushing my body to the limit. Roberto’s treatments have helped me become more aware of my body and the stress I put on it and I feel better overall as a result.

  5. Anne King says:

    My broken humerus and cracked shoulder were immobilized for almost a month in order for healing to take place. Everything around the bones was sore and traumatized. Once I started rehab, thanks to Roberto’s help, I regained the mobility in my arm and shoulder much more quickly than with just the work of physical therapy alone. Even my physical therapists were amazed at my progress. I was able to get back to my sports sooner too. Roberto’s knowledge is unsurpassed. I’m lucky to have found him.

  6. Nori M. says:

    I came to Rolf Therapy works along the way in my quest to cure my scoliosis. Although I knew in the back of my mind that I’d had it since childhood, I only started to address it at the age of fifty-three. Now, after about three years, my healing is well along. My treatment included chiropractic, massage, and naturopathic, and most recently, Rolf therapy from Roberto Paredes of Rolf Therapy Works. To make the most of all the bodywork (none of which has been covered by insurance, but oh well), I have been taking yoga, tai chi and qi gong classes. This has been an amazing experience, because along with healing my posture, I have also straightened out my life. Many thanks to Roberto Paredes for the supportive yoga and tai chi classes and Rolf therapy.

  7. Nori says:

    I have been in treatment for scoliosis for several years, and made a lot of progress at first. However, chiropractic treatments alone were not enough. I hit a plateau about six months into treatment. It was only after I started taking yoga through Rolf Therapy Works that my lumbar region started to adjust. Over several months we have focused on stretching the hip muscles, which is exactly what I needed to complete my healing. I am grateful that my back is now aligned for the first time in my life. Thank you for the yoga and tai chi classes, Roberto! Anyone with back problems must acknowledge that exercise is a cornerstone of healing.

  8. Mary Minctons says:

    Roberto has been a significant factor in my ability to teach music in elementary school. With his help in learning about the proper diet and regular physical stretching with Chi Gong and Taiji, I have not only maintained a healthy weight but also stopped taking thyroid medication. I am now a greatly improved and effective music teacher who can bend down, wiggle, move, dance and generally keep up with the high energy of the children AND continue this strenuous teaching load throughout the week without being totally exhausted! Thank you Roberto!

  9. Andrew Waite says:

    Roberto: After my anterior hip replacement you took me through a couple of sessions to help me recover muscle strength and flexibility. These muscles had deteriorated and negatively adapted to my progressive hip joint failure. Your work on top of the replacement had me back fully mobile within three months with NO vestigial limp. Thank you. Andrew Waite – Phoenix AZ

  10. Hi Roberto,

    I wanted to thank you for the help that you have been to my wife. This year end of January and into February, she was nearly a basketcase as her fibromyalgia was acting up. She had a really good December but January was major depression, pain and muscle tenseness all due to that nasty disease called Fibro.

    Since she has been going to see you, she has been helped immensely. She was referred to you by a guy we met at Landmark Education, Del M. It’s funny how things work out. I’m glad he was able to refer you. He had such great success, that he referred you to us.

    Anyway, she and I have done your DVDs on Tai Chi. Very much a help in relaxing and clearing the energy. I have had a stiff back before doing Tai Chi and afterwards, I feel much better. Thanks for being available and helping her with the Fibro.

    If you have anyone that wants to lose a few pounds refer them to us at SlimMe1.com. We guarantee a 15-30 pound weight loss in 30 days and show them how to keep it off for six weeks — http://www.slimme1.com.

    Craig Stephens, owner

  11. Anita S. says:

    I have had the symptoms of fibromyalgia since 2005. I have tried so many different things, some help a little; most don’t help at all. My symptoms continued to get worse. Before I met Roberto Paredes, in February of 2010, I was able to stand only an hour before my legs hurt too much and I needed to rest. Now I am able to do several hours of light yard work, house work or errands. Of all the chiropractors, acupuncture and physical therapy treatments (of which I have had my share) I feel like he has helped me more than any of them, and I dare say he has helped me more than all of them combined.

    I am very grateful for the improvement that I have gained through Roberto Paredes’ skilled bodywork and knowledge. He has aligned my back the best it has been in years; I stand taller and straighter with less pain and better range of motion. He has taught me posture and breathing awareness, Tai Chi and stretches to empower me in my healing process. His dietary and supplement recommendations through kinesiology have greatly improved my IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). I recommend Roberto Paredes to anyone seeking a higher level of health. May God Bless you in your pursuit for health and happiness.

    Anita S.

  12. J.L. says:

    In fall 2002 I visited a chiropractor for the first time with lower back pain. Upon x-ray, it was determined that I had scoliosis, exacerbated by my corporate IT position that had me slouching at a computer terminal daily for hours. While periodic chiropractic adjustments helped with immediate relief, it didn’t address the root cause of my pain — poor posture and lack of muscular support for the spinal curvature I had been developing perhaps for years.

    Roberto provided me not only with 10 Rolf sessions of Structural Integration, but also coupled the treatments with customized guidance on life style modifications including regular exercise, nutrition and body awareness. Another great benefit of specific soft tissue work on my arms was that Roberto eliminated painful flare ups from repetitive typing stress and I avoided carpal tunnel surgery unlike many of my colleagues at work who opted for the operations.

    The other day at yoga I heard myself telling a woman complaining of her inability to do a forward fold because of her back, “I used to have scoliosis before I went through 10 Rolf method sessions and coming to yoga 3-4 times a week.” Astonished, she said that she and her daughter had scoliosis as well and were told it was a permanent condition. I’m here to tell you that it is not necessarily permanent and your physical limitations can be changed if you are willing to do the work. Structural integration, regular exercise and postural awareness are not always easy. It’s a daily, weekly, monthly, lifetime practice. I will definitely tell you that I have personally witnessed referrals to Roberto who had much more serious cases of scoliosis than mine (one in her 60s whose doctors were 100% she needed surgery to correct it) see amazing change and postural correction without surgery. If we can figure out a way to do it, I would love to post before/after x-rays to prove that.

  13. Kathy Stephenson says:

    As a migraine sufferer I started going to Roberto for bi-weekly chair massages. These were very beneficial, since I sew on a sewing machine all day. But after telling Roberto one day about my caffeine intake, he suggested I consume more electrolytes to help counteract the dehydrating effects of caffine on my muscles. This advice helped me immensely. Roberto also suggested that my muscles would benefit from less acidic foods, so I have increased more alkaline foods into my diet. Because of Roberto my migraine headaches, which were occuring about once or twice a month, have now decreased to about five a year! Thank you Roberto for all your help.

  14. Tom Stephenson says:

    I would like to say that going to Roberto helped me recover from a sciatic nerve pinch that was making my left leg and toes numb. My back has never felt stronger, I thank Roberto for all that he has done to get my life back on track.

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