Thai Massage Training – March 2010

Posted: March 5, 2010 in Education & Training, Therapeutic Bodywork
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Thai Massage Training – The Art of Therapy


International Instructor Gabriel Azoulay & Roberto Paredes


Thai Massage – one of the fastest growing Massage modalities in the field today – a practice that fosters movement, joint mobilization and enhanced body postures.

Scheduled curriculum includes:

Friday 10 – 1 PM – What is Thai Massage?

History, application and modern influences. Principles of body mechanics, connection and how to heal your body.

Friday 2 – 5 PM – The Lower Body

A step by step routine that opens the energy from the feet up to the hips – sitting in chairs, walking on two legs, and general life patterns leave our hips stuck together. Thai Massage explores a new rotation in the mid body.

Saturday 10 – 1 PM – Modern Concept in an Ancient Modality: BMT, Joint Pumping and Pin & Stretch.

Body posture, applications for therapist, how to adapt the practice to traditional Western Table massage.

Saturday 2-5 PM – The Upper Body

Opening the upper body, back, shoulders and the Thailand Cobra – to be lifted by another is to experience freedom. How do we let go and surrender to the universe? You will discover how to unwind, unplug and connect to your true source.

Sunday 10 – 1 PM – Sitting

Thailand’s ‘Navasana’ – the boat to exhilaration – our heart gets closed from years of strain, our chest collapses and our shoulder round forward. You will learn how to set your inner sails, reorganize your shoulders and allow your hearts brightness to burst through. We will explore the relationship between shoulder rotation and defying gravity.

Sunday 2 – 5 PM – Tying It All Together

How to take the Thai Massage to your daily life and practice – questions and answers revealed, how to apply the postures, with whom and how often. Thai Massage is extremely accessible, to be shared with students, friends and any one looking to put a smile on their face.

To register, please call (480) 241-4484 or email

March 5 – 7th, 2010
E-Book manual, Certification
Supporting DVDs (sold separately)

Gabriel Azoulay is an innovator in the field who has been teaching for 15 years. He has spent over 2 years in Thailand studying with Thai Massage master Pichest Boonthume.  A category creator in the field of Thai Massage, Gabriel has produced 2 DVDs, written countless articles, and has taught all over the world.  Gabriel is one of the speakers in this summer’s Thai Healing symposium in Washington, DC.

Roberto Paredes, BA, LMT has operated his successful private practice in AZ for over 9 years providing relief and healing to patients of all ages.  Having taught at some of the best massage training schools in the U.S., he brings that experience and enthusiasm to all of his adult education and continuing education classes.  He is excited to share his knowledge of anatomy and the body’s energy meridian system in this upcoming Thai-Yoga Massage training.

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