Therapeutic Massage

Frequent or unrelenting stress can damage your body, ultimately leading to discomfort and pain. Stress is a contributing factor in most disease processes. Massage therapy provides an immediate and natural remedy to the stress response (fight or flight) by helping to:

  • Lower your heart rate and blood pressure
  • Improve your circulation of blood and lymph fluid (thereby improving immunity and detoxification)
  • Increase metabolism and enhance digestion
  • Heighten you sense of well-being
  • Cause anxiety levels to drop by encouraging deeper, fuller breathing and release of endorphins
  • Relieve chronic or acute pain to accelerate the healing process and prevent re-injury

In addition, massage therapy is a necessary component for Sports Performance at any level. Currently working with various professional and Olympic athletes, Roberto knows that Professional Trainers insist their athletes receive massage REGULARLY.

If you or anyone you know are attempting to enhance their wellness and fitness through time at the gym and/or competition, massage is key. Therapeutic massage will reduce recovery time and increase the benefit of each workout and /or training session.