If you or anyone you know are playing golf or participating in a health regimen that involves workouts and diet control, then Soft Tissue Work is an essential component.

Stretching and Soft Tissue Work:

  • Lengthen Myofasciae in muscles and joints to increase Range of Motion (ROM) and athletes’ ability to create power.
  • Increase local and regional circulation of blood and lymph, thereby increasing metabolism to speed recovery.
  • Improve balance and flexibility of the athlete’s body in relation to gravity.

Anytime you run, lift weights, do pylometrics, yoga or compete in your sport, you are attempting to create change. You improve flexibility, muscle tone, tendon and ligament strength. You are also increasing your body’s Active Intelligence Quotient.

What is your body’s Active Intelligence Quotient?

AIQ is what I call your body’s ability to have dynamic and explosive strength in all activities of your daily life. Even the “exercise” that you don’t think of as strenuous – like lifting your golf bag or your kids into your car or sitting in an airplane seat with lousy support for several hours.

AIQ is a combination of your musculature’s and your nervous system’s ability to hold you upright and together during any activity. AIQ includes the free Range of Motion (ROM) to do each movement with accuracy and power. An important root of this is the freedom of your muscles and joints to slide with and over one another without restrictions.

Lengthening Myofasciae

When an athlete is active for a length of time he will get a “warmed up” feeling – looser and more flexible. Truly he is warmer in temperature and part of that heat generated is the friction of the layers of muscle encased in the myofasciae (“myo” means muscle, “fasciae” is soft connective tissue – think tendons and ligaments) sliding against one another. Myofasciae is thicker and more dense at lower temperatures and more liquid and free at higher temperatures. Movement creates friction – friction creates heat – heat liquefies myofasciae and the athlete feels “warmed up”.

The myofascaie surround every muscle fiber, each muscle group and the bone the muscle attaches to. Like your sock on your foot. The “sock” is the myofasciae the “foot” is the muscle. When you stretch or are stretched by a therapist you are actively lengthening myofasciae layers and fibers – not the muscles!

Soft tissue specialists such as Rolf Method Practitioners have advanced knowledge of all the connective tissue layers and how they relate to one another. We also know how and where the layers often get stuck together. This sticking restricts ROM and limits the athlete’s ability to generate precise and explosive power. The sticking and binding of the layers hold in inflammation, increasing the “painful” feeling in a joint or muscle. This sticking changes the athlete’s pattern of movement to one which holds the pattern of tears and strains of old injuries limiting him from perfecting technique (like improving a golf swing or tennis swing, running for distance and cycling).

By manipulating tissue we lengthen and free layers from one another and actively change the ability of the blood vessels like arteries to bring fresh blood to the muscle cells you are working so hard to grow and improve.

– Roberto A. Paredes, B.A., L.M.T.

Roberto Paredes, B.A., L.M.T., Rolf Method Practitioner has a healing practice in Phoenix, AZ. He provides patient empowerment, therapeutic treatments and education with nutrition, exercise and body manipulations. To schedule an appointment for a consultation you may call (480) 225-2313 or email him at RolfTherapyWorks@gmail.com.

Roberto Paredes, B.A., L.M.T.



(480) 225-2313

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