T’ai Chi and Qigong

T’ai Chi and Qigong are ancient exercises/meditation that come to us from China and are practiced by millions of people everyday.

Qi/Chi (pronounced ‘Chee’) is our vital force or intrinsic energy. The energy is clearly present in our everyday life by the seemingly simple acts of breathing and digestion. Our bodies draw energy from air and food and convert these substances to raw energy. By example, if you have ever cut your finger and watched the amazing process of cell regeneration and true healing, you have witnessed the effect of your healing power and chi.

Gong (pronounced ‘Kung’) means “study of”, “practice” or “the work of”. Qigong is the “parent” of T’ai Chi and unto itself is its own healing modality.

Like T’ai Chi, Qigong uses gentle and easy to learn exercises and focused breath-work to affect authentic healing for those who practice this art regularly.

Master Instructor

Roberto Paredes began his formal training in martial and healing Qigong over fourteen years ago and is now an experienced instructor who combines the best and most effective elements of the traditions he studies to his courses and seminars.

Master Paredes regularly instructs classes at several convenient Tempe locations and also organizes healing retreats to beautiful locations around the world. His students range from children to seniors and through the practice, they experience relief from various ailments such as back pain and joint pains, cancer treatment complications, weight loss and emotional balancing.

Master Paredes is available for personal, private or group instruction. Corporate rates are available.

T’ai Chi & Qigong Video

For information about Roberto’s newest video, please call (480) 225-2313.