You Are Not Broken (Part 2 of 2)

Posted: July 7, 2010 in Conditions and Cures, Therapeutic Bodywork

Seeking Professional Help – Have You Been Compliant?

In addition to your other treatments – medications, physical therapy and/or chiropractic treatments, ice and heat, salves, patches and creams – have you tried stopping the behaviors that lead you to the state of dysfunction which includes persistent pain and discomfort? This assumes the conditions are not auto-immune based or a random injury such as a fall or car accident. Although recovery from these and similar conditions still includes the patient’s compliance and efforts.

By changing injurious behaviors we could include:

  1. Eliminating poor postural alignment at work (like at a computer desk) or when lifting objects
  2. Increasing time for (or starting) a therapeutic exercise program
  3. Changing dietary habits to take additional strain on joints and muscles by losing excess weight
  4. Changing the diet to one which promotes less acid in the metabolism to reduce inflammation at it’s source.

The available list of changes and additions a well trained professional can guide the patient to continues on. Have they done any or all of this list or other work to fully aid in recovery?

Challenges of Complimentary / Alternative Medicine (C.A.M.) Providers

“I tried everything – and now I am coming to Complimentary/ Alternative Medicine. I’m fatigued personally and spiritually, been in pain for a while and have financial fatigue from the cost of co-pays for office visits, treatments, gasoline and time off from work. I want relief and I want it now. I really don’t have the money for this but I heard that this could help so I’m going to give it a try.”

A little information about the healing process, soft tissue and inflammation. Did your mother – like mine – ever say to you, “You keep making that ugly face long enough and it will stick that way!”?? Well, in fact she was right. Your body is constantly adapting to the stresses put upon it by your daily life – physical, emotional and environmental.

If we hold a postural imbalance long enough the spine or joints will adapt to the new but imbalanced position and literally change at the cellular level. This change will make the position easier to hold and will shorten and thicken the surrounding tissues in joints and muscles. Thus the “ugly face” or painfully imbalanced aberrant position becomes the norm. This system of adaptation accounts for the formation of calluses on your feet or fingers and scar tissue around cuts. The injury site is now “locking in” that stuck position by hardening the tissue and further adding to the inflammatory process causing more pain then more inflammation – on and on.

Now think about the challenge ahead for the Complimentary Medical Provider (such as licensed massage therapists, naturopath physicians, acupuncturists and chiropractors). The longer a person has had an injury or pain pattern the harder it is to help bring healing circulation to those rigid and stagnant tissues. To change tissue (such as muscle fibers, tendons, ligaments, nerves and joint capsules) takes manipulations, movement and time.

We Welcome You With Open Arms

As C.A.M. Providers we have to believe that “the cup is at least half full and can be filled up”. If I am in the profession of assisted healing I had better believe in the power of change – because if I don’t, I’m in the WRONG business. I have to believe in the power of my work even if the average consumer doesn’t. In fact, I have to believe that the techniques and methods that for thousands of years of history have helped to create healing change in others can help you. We have to believe it even when patients don’t or are not sure when they come into our offices for the first time. We have to inspire that fatigued, doubtful and reluctant patient to take the work and stay on the program.

Unlike some techniques, soft tissue specialists help abate the pain immediately through manipulations. We suggest home remedies to further reduce pain and inflammation. We consider the patient’s state of mind and what they may be ready to hear and what they may be ready to do to take action for their own health.

But we were waiting for the patient with open arms. We wish they had come to us first or sooner. A s we now know, the longer a condition exists the more difficult the return to health can be. As C.A.M. providers we have the burden of being cash fee for service providers. That is, the patient must pay out of pocket for our services, causing more reluctance and doubt. Then we welcome them back for future sessions to further the process of recovery and healing. We can tailor our conversations and actions to the patient’s needs each time. We are always under the pressure of time and financial constraints.

A well trained and experienced Soft Tissue Therapist can provide patients with relief and an action plan for recovery. We combine a multi-disciplined approach including manipulations, home remedies, simple diet coaching and more. As C.A.M. providers we may combine a program patients can get nowhere else. We often provide results when others do not. Most certainly we need your support.

You are not broken. You were probably just seeing the wrong people.

Now, who’s ready for some change?

– Roberto A. Paredes, B.A., L.M.T

Roberto Paredes, B.A., L.M.T., Rolf Method Practitioner has a healing practice in Phoenix, AZ. He provides patient empowerment, therapeutic treatments and education with nutrition, exercise and body manipulations. To schedule an appointment for a consultation you may call (480) 225-2313 or email him at

Roberto Paredes, B.A., L.M.T.

(480) 225-2313

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