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Rolf Therapy Works founder Roberto Paredes and talented instructor Gabriel Azoulay are presenting another Thai Massage training workshop at Second Heart Yoga this month. A qualified 25 hr Continuing Education unit course, it is a program tailored for licensed massage therapists (NCBTMB) and yoga instructors (RYT). It is also beneficial for anyone who would love to learn and have fun. Bring a partner and learn how to treat each other for better health!


Thai Yoga / Massage Training


Rolf Therapy Works Founder
Roberto Paredes & Instructor
Gabriel Azoulay


Thai Yoga/Massage is one of the fastest growing modalities in the Yoga and Massage fields today. A practice that fosters movement, joint mobilization and enhanced body postures, this is an incredible therapy for both client and giver.

You will leave with a greater appreciation to the complexity of the body, how to identify and provide relief for tension, texture and alignment. Whether you are a body worker or a Yoga professional, these two days will give you greater confidence to work with your clients and students.

As well as learning a 60 minute full body dance routine, you will also learn:

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Thai Massage Training – The Art of Therapy


International Instructor Gabriel Azoulay & Roberto Paredes


Thai Massage – one of the fastest growing Massage modalities in the field today – a practice that fosters movement, joint mobilization and enhanced body postures.

Scheduled curriculum includes:

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If you or anyone you know are playing golf or participating in a health regimen that involves workouts and diet control, then Soft Tissue Work is an essential component.

Stretching and Soft Tissue Work:

  • Lengthen Myofasciae in muscles and joints to increase Range of Motion (ROM) and athletes’ ability to create power.
  • Increase local and regional circulation of blood and lymph, thereby increasing metabolism to speed recovery.
  • Improve balance and flexibility of the athlete’s body in relation to gravity.

Anytime you run, lift weights, do pylometrics, yoga or compete in your sport, you are attempting to create change. You improve flexibility, muscle tone, tendon and ligament strength. You are also increasing your body’s Active Intelligence Quotient.

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With thousands of spectators and vendors swarming the Waste Management Open, Golf Pain Free AZ was uber fortunate to have the pizazz of the Phoenix New Times street team in its corner.

The spirited New Times street team handed out hundreds and hundreds of Golf Pain Free AZ flyers…

but we know that some of you may have missed them in the midst of all the excitement.

So if you’ve been bummed that you lost yours in the mosh pit at the Bird’s Nest, don’t worry.

You can still mention it for a discount on your next training or treatment session!

Improve more than just your golf swing!
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In the last few years, I have been lucky enough to help create a significant impact on the lives of several children with Cerebral Palsy.

As a specialist Rolf Method Practitioner, I am concerned with manipulating the connective tissue (myofasciae) of my patients.  This soft tissue manipulation is extremely effective for people with limited ability to walk, stand and sit with a normal gait and posture due to chronic spasm and shortening in their musculature.
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Soft Tissue Success Where Traditional PT and Chiro Care Alone Struggles

People often wonder how Soft Tissue specialists (LMT’s or Rolf Method practitioners) have been successful in rehabilitating patients with severe injuries, post surgery complications or chronic pain where others were not.

The condition of a person’s soft tissue – muscles and connective tissue (think of: tendons, ligaments and joint capsules of knees and spine, etc.) after or before a major event are often shortened and tough. This lack of movement in those layers reduces circulation (or is “ischemic”) of blood and lymph fluid at the injury site and the surrounding area so it will not respond to standard stretch and strengthen techniques offered at other offices.

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